Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Shot at Photography!

I played around with my friend's camera in the few moments that she allowed me to and I realized that I love photography! I'm not the best at it yet but you gotta start somewhere right!? I edited all except the Newboyz picture... Hope you guys like them!

What do you guys think!? Feedback would be appreciated!

xoxo, Alex


Amber said...

these pics are pretty cool girl! If they are good for your first attempts! Anywho..I hope all is going well! <3

Anonymous said...

really great :D photographer in the making <3

Grace said...

beautiful pictures ;)

this is grace by the waaay!

Virginia said...

You're so artsy! Love it! Just gave you the stylish blogger award on my blog! :)

Green Girl said...

great photos . Keep posting


Bri said...

awesome shots! photography will always be a favorite of mine. keep it up ! :)