Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Makeover & Happy Hump Day Wednesday!

Hello Loves,
Tonight I was skimming over blogs and in the back of my head was the thought of how bad my blog layout/design was. So I did some research and figured out what I had to do to change that! And as you can tell, I did a blog makeover!!! I did it all by myself. Ahhh-I have to say, I feel very accomplished! It took almost 2 hours. What do you guys think!? Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hump Day is my favorite, other than the weekEND of course!! Hump Day refers to the idea of Wednesday being the middle of the work-week, meaning it's "over-the-hump" when this day is over. This is the Wictionary definition which you can see with your own eyes, here.

Happy Hump Day!
xoxo, Alex


Grace said...

I love the new layout!! ps- you are TOO sweet! thanks for the lovely comments girl :)

Happy Wednesday ;)

xx Grace

kelleighchris said...

Love the new layout, Al. :*