Friday, April 15, 2011

My Newest Obsessions!

1. The first time I saw a crop shirt I thought, ew. But I grew to LOVE them! And now I can't possibly get enough of them! I'm obsessed!! 2. I am newly obsessed with RUFFLES! I think they're are so feminine and girly! Love them!
3. Adele's album "21". I LOVED Adele the very first time I heard her sing which was in 2009 on the Grammys! She had/has such an amazing voice! My favorite songs from her new album are: 1. Set Fire to the Rain 2. Someone like you 3. Take it All and 4. Turning Tables (a little repetitive but still love it.) 4. Sunsets! Kinda weird right? Somehow I became obsessed with sunsets! They're so beautiful to me. I could sit and stare at these picture for hours.

5. PENCIL SKIRTS!!! Completely absolutely definitely actually literally OBSESSED. If I have a chance to wear one, it will be worn. They're just soooo cute!!

6. I love cooking. And my good friend Meriel loves it, as well! She always talked about the show Chopped and I never knew what it was until last week when I decided to sit down and watch it...
I love it! It's so fun to watch! I wish it came on everyday :)

What are your newest obsessions!?

xoxo, Alex

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Sarah said...

I agree, the Adele album is awesome, i can't get enough! xx