Monday, March 21, 2011

6 Reasons Why I Can't Wait for Summer

1. I LOVE the beach! It's one of my favorite places to be, it's absolutely beautiful, and it's a great place to just relax and clear your mind!

2. I'm excited to wear bright colors, floral patterns, and lacey stuff!

3. Summer relationships can be nice!

4. I'm completely OBSESSED with swimsuits! And Summer is the main time to wear them.
5. I love strappy sandals!

6. Smoothies and Frappuccinos are definitely a favorite on a hot summer day.

xoxo, Alex


Anonymous said...

Love the blog :) hope you keep us updated

xoxo :) Le`

Anonymous said...

This is so cutee Alex!

Emma said...

i kind of like you.

Anonymous said...

WOW, this took a while to find bahahhaa that's kinda embarassing. Anyways, your blog made me so excited for summer with my bestestfriendd(:
lovee youu! - Hannahh

Virginia said...

I looove that suit, and your blog! So glad you finally made one!

Anonymous said...

These are geniuse Alex! Do more like these.

Meriel said...

dudde i wana make that quiche haha:) cuz ya knoww, i enjoy cooking. including watching the cooking channel.

and summers guna be so fun!!