Friday, June 3, 2011

Channingbug, Channingbug!

My oldest cousin, Shenee, and her husband, Shamari, had the cutest little baby on this planet! Her name is Channing(Nicknames: ChanningBug, Channybug, The Bug, and Muffin).
Let's look at Channing all the way from a leeeetle baby to now!

Newborn! ^

3 months! ^

Channing's first Halloween! ^

First family photo shoot! ^

Channing's first Christmas! ^

Power couple! ^

Channing at 10 months! ^

Candids of Channing! ^

So, now you know what I mean by cutest baby on this planet!
Love you Shenee & Shamari! You guys have done/are doing an amazing job!
xoxo, Alex

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